Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Siege of Darkness by R. A. Salvatore (A Drizzt Novel)

Drizzt has escaped from capture in the drow city of Menzzoberanzan. Along with his friends he caused a great deal of chaos in the wake of their escape. The leaders of the drow have decided that it is time to wipe out the renegade once and for all. Matron Mother Banrae has consolidated her power and formed an army to attack the dwarven city of Mithril Hall. Standing against the forces of the Underdark are the armies of Mithril Hall, the knights of Silverymoon, the barbarian kindred of Wulfgar, and other allies. Will they be able to defeat the overpowering forces of the drow? Will darkness descend on the region or will the forces of good triumph. Old racial prejudices new bad blood has to be overcome if they are to defeat the drow.

This is a pure action adventure sword and sorcery novel. All the classics are here. Overwhelming evil armies, nobel warriors fighting the hopeless fight. The Drizzt novels always promise lots of great old fashioned fantasy storytelling and they never disappoint.

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