Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Two Swords by R. A. Salvatore (A Drizzt Novel)

The dwarves of Mithril Hall are still besieged. Somehow their king Bruenor Battlehammer has returned from them. All thought that he had gone to the halls of his fathers even though the clerics had kept his body going. Somehow Regis had been able to reach inside and pull him out again. Now Bruenor is leading the dwarves once again. Reinforcements are on their way. The orc horde of Obould still holds strong. Obould is now believed to be possessed with the powers of the orcish god. Meanwhile outside of Mithril Hall Drizzt continues his personal war against the orcs. Still believing his friends slain he fights with no other purpose than revenge. He has joined with the Moonwood elf Innovindil as they seek to avenge the death of her lover. In addition to helping Drizzt fight the orcs she also teaches him that he must learn to live his life in short spans when dealing with friends of the lesser races. If he refuses to live and love then he will always be alone. The pain of loss will come, but that is offset by the joy of living.

This novel has some great parts. The ending really isn’t an ending, it’s more of a setup for the next trilogy. The important part of this book is Drizzt finally learning to come to grips with his own emotions. There is love, loss, heroism and heartbreak in this volume of the Legacy of Drizzt. It is more high action from the king of Sword and Sorcery fantasy.

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