Thursday, May 9, 2013

Carnal Hours by Max Allan Collins

Once again Nathan Heller is on the case. This time Heller takes a seemingly easy case. He is hired to find evidence that a rich man's son-in-law is cheating. Instead his famous client is murdered and the son-in-law is arrested. Then the man's daughter hires Heller to prove her husband's innocence. Heller is up to his eyeballs in intrigue. Of course the job is made easier by the sexy women that he encounters. On the other hand he has to deal with the Duke of Windsor who seems to be setting up a frame for the son-in-law by using two mob connected policemen from Miami. Then there is Meyer Lansky. Does he have a stake in this? With a real life, star-studded cast that includes Erle Stanely Gardner and a certain famous British Naval Intelligence officer who will one day be a famous author. This is Nathan Heller at his best.

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