Friday, May 3, 2013

From Russia With Love by Ian Fleming (A James Bond Novel)

SMERSH has decided that it must strike back against the West. Leaders of the organization decide that in order to redeem recent setbacks that a British agent must die. The agent chosen is none other than James Bond, Agent 007. It is not enough to simply kill Bond, they need to discredit him and embarrass London as well. A clever trap is set for Bond using a beautiful Russian agent.

To do the killing SMERSH decides to use their best killer. This man is an Irish psychopath known as Red Grant who enjoys killing. It is what he lives for. This man is the perfect killing machine. Will Bond be able to see the trap before it is too late?

This has all the great stuff that makes a Bond novel. You have the beautiful woman, the cold blooded killer, the evil Soviet organization, the intricate plots. This novel was a bit different in one way. The first third of the novel tells the story of Grant and the SMERSH plot. So you don't even see the main character until the second part of the book. Overall it's a great story and is quite enjoyable.

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