Thursday, May 16, 2013

Majic Man by Max Allan Collins (A Nathan Heller Novel)

Having been involved with so many of the great crimes and cover ups of the 20th Century it should be no big surprise that Heller is sent to Roswell to discover the truth about the two year old rumors that a flying saucer crashed there. What he finds in this investigation is exactly what you would expect: murder, lies, and lusty women.

The Heller novels have been entertaining. Flying Blind (the Amelia Earhart case) was the weakest so far. Majic Man is a much better story. It isn't altogether very interesting. It is entertaining though. I certainly enjoy Heller's "discovery" of the truth. It lines up with what I've always believed about the flying saucer craze myself. While the topic never has interested me I do remember the stories that my grandfather, an Air Force officer, told. While it is not the best Heller novel it is entertaining

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