Friday, May 10, 2013

The Lone Drow by R. A. Salvatore (A Drizzt Novel)

The orcs of the mountains have come down in force. Led by the chieftain Obould Many-Arrows they have swept all before them. The dwarves have been pushed back to a defensive position. Obould is like no other orc chieftain before. His goal is not plunder, but instead he seeks to establish a kingdom. In Mithril Hall King Bruenor Battlehammer lies at death’s door. Regis has been named regent. Catti-Brie and Wulfgar fight at the defensive lines hoping that something will bring them victory. Help comes from many places. The Bouldershoulder brothers Ivan and Pikel have joined the fight. Dwarves from all over begin to stream to the aid of Mithril Hall. The orcs seem to be a vast horde and the only hope lies in the natural tendency of orcs to turn on each other. Drizzt meanwhile is outside. Still believing his friends slain he seeks to kill as many orcs as possible. Two elves of Moonwood try to befriend him, but he keeps them at arms length. Slowly Drizzt is once again becoming the Hunter. The Hunter was the persona that he became during his years alone in the Underdark. As the Hunter he lives to slay the dark things, he feels nothing. 

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