Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Stolen Away by Max Allan Collins (A Nathan Heller Novel)

Stolen Away is the fifth novel in the Nathan Heller series. In the opening pages of the story Detective Heller of the Chicago Police foils a kidnapping. Everyone is on the lookout for the Lindbergh baby who has recently been taken. Heller thinks that he sees the baby and moves in. It turns out that he has cracked the wrong kidnapping case, but he is still celebrated as a hero. He is then recommended by Elliot Ness to go to New Jersey and help on the Lindbergh Kidnapping case. There is the belief that there may be a connection to the Chicago mob and Al Capone. Heller leaves for New Jersey and is pulled into the drama surrounding the most infamous kidnapping case of all time.

Collins is a great storyteller and he skillfully weaves his fictional character into the historical events. Before it is over Heller has dealt with psychics, including Edgar Cayce, mobsters, wealthy women, the New Jersey state police, IRS agents, and many others. This is a great addition to the Heller memoirs and takes place in the period before the first novel True Detective.

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