Saturday, May 11, 2013

Blood and Thunder by Max Allan Collins (A Nathan Heller Novel)

Nathan Heller takes on another bodyguard job. This time he works for Huey P. Long. Heller is not the best guard out there. In seven novels he loses three clients to an assassin. He is good at locating the hidden truth though. This novel about the death of Louisiana's most colorful politician is a lot of fun. Collins captures the feel of the period like few writers. I lived in Baton Rouge as a kid and I've taken many trips to see the holes in the marble walls where Long's bodyguards killed Weiss. Many older people I've known in this state believe in Weiss' innocence. Growing up I've heard many conspiracies. Most have to do with Roosevelt. All the players are here: Seymour Weiss, the thug bodyguards, Earl Long makes a cameo, even Carlos Marcellos shows up as a young and upcoming gangster. I assume that we will see Mr. Marcellos again in the book on the assassination of JFK.

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