Monday, May 6, 2013

Spine of the World by R. A. Salvatore

Spine of the World picks up the story of Wulfgar from The Silent Blade. Broken in spirit by his many years as a prisoner of the demon Errtu, Wulfgar has left his friends and become a bouncer at a bar known as the Cutlass in the city of Luskan. He has found that the only way to drown the pain is to drink. At night he drinks and fights and drinks some more. His new companion is an unsavory character known as Morik the Rogue. Before the book ends Wulfgar will have plunged to the very depth of his soul. He will dig himself out and begin the process of trying to find himself again.

The is the first of the novels to focus on one of Drizzt’s companions other than the drow ranger. Salvatore gives a fascinating look at the character of Wulfgar and what it means for a man to try and find redemption and to find his sanity again after losing everything and going through unspeakable tortures. Wulfgar’s journeys take him from Luskan to the Spine of the World. The greatest journey though is the one within. How does the nobel barbarian finally find his way back? For that you have to read this difficult, but excellent book.

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