Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Starless Night by R. A. Salvatore (A Drizzt Novel)

In the last novel a raid was launched to capture Drizzt and return him to the city of Menzzoberanzen. Drizzt was able to escape with the help of his friends, but not without a price. The noble barbarian Wulfgar fell in battle with an creature from another dimension. His friends grieve over his loss. Bruenor can barely function as king in Mithril Hall. Drizzt knows that his enemies will keep coming for him no matter what. So he decides to end it. What is plans are never become quite apparent. He decides to return to the city of his birth. Along the way he will pass many old places of memory. He will renew old friendships. He will have an encounter with his god. Most of all he will learn that he is not alone, that he must trust in his friends.

Suspenseful and moving this is a a good novel in the Drizzt saga. Here, for the first time Drizzt comes to a greater understanding about his place in the world.

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