Wednesday, April 24, 2013

In Sylvan Shadows by R. A. Salvatore (Cleric Quintet 2)

Having failed to bring down the Edificant Library with the Chaos Curse, the evil forces of Castle Trinity have moved against the elven homeland of Shilmista Forest. The elves are outnumbered and overwhelmed. Cadderly has spent the last year trying to determine the origin of this foe Cadderly leaves to see the action up close. He is joined by the young warrior monk Danica and his fellow priest Kierkan Rufo. In the forest they meet up with their dwarvish friends Ivan and Pikel Bouldershoulder. Along the way they are forced to battle against an overwhelming foe. Will this be the end of the elven realm?

For Cadderly this is his first journey into the larger world. He is a gentle spirit and is greatly disturbed by the killing around him. Once he is forced to take part in the battle how will he be able to deal with the strain? Will he come out stronger, or will his faith reach the breaking point.Will the other priest Rufo overcome his own lack of character? Cadderly's quest for truth will propel him further than he could ever imagine.

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