Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Exile by R. A. Salvatore

This is the second novel in R. A. Salvatore’s Dark Elf trilogy. This novel follows Drizzt as he tries to find his way alone after fleeing his people. Along the path he makes new friends and learns about his true nature.

Driven from his native city by the hatred of the Spider Goddess Loth the noble warrior Drizzt has taken to the wilds of the Underdark. His family is still searching for him. After nearly killing his sister he decides to flee from the region. He makes a number of friends and begins the process of learning how to live in a world that is not based on treachery and cruelty. No matter where he goes the malice of his family will not escape him. Finally his mother sends the reanimated corpse of his father and mentor to kill him. As he learns to trust others and how to live in the larger world Drizzt starts to understand what it means to live.

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