Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Fallen Fortress by R. A. Salvatore (Cleric Quintet 4)

Bonaduce survived the attack on the Edificant Library and defeated the foe who brought it. He survived the attack on Shilmista Forrest and helped to kill the war chief who led Castle Trinity's forces. Next he survived and vanquished a personal attempt on his life by the dreaded assassins the Night Masks. Now he is tired of being on the defense. He decides to take the battle to his enemy. Against the orders of the Chief Priest he heads out to locate Castle Trinity. He will need all of his new found powers for this journey.

Joined by his lover Danica, their friends Ivan and Pikel Bouldershoulder, Shayleigh the elf, and Vander the firbolg he prepares to strike at his foes. This journey will bring Cadderly face to face with the foes who have tried time after time to destroy him and all that he holds dear. Along the way he will face a dragon, wizards, imps, and foes that were more powerful than he could imagine. Before it is over he will learn what we have known since the first book. The wizard who has orchestrated all of this is none other than Alibaster Bonaduce, Cadderly's father. How will Cadderly defeat this foe and bring down his evil throne? Read and find out.

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