Thursday, April 25, 2013

Night Masks by R. A. Salvatore (Cleric Quintet 3)

After the brutal battles in Shilmista Forrest Cadderly Bonaduce takes leave of the Edificant Library and moves to the city of Caradoon. He is afraid that he has lost his faith. Once again in battle he was forced to kill and he is not sure how to handle the feelings that go along with that. As he moves forward in his studies he begins to develop new powers. These powers begin to grow in him in new and frightening ways. At the same time he is being stalked by a deadly group of assassins known as the Night Masks. They have been hired by the leaders of Castle Trinity who are tired of the young priest showing up and ruining their plans.

Danica and the Bouldershoulder brothers join him in Caradoon and before long they are all fighting for their lives against an insidious assassin known as The Ghost. Their survival will depend on them working together. Most of all their survival will depend on Cadderly coming to an understanding of these new powers and recapturing his faith.

This book is a pivot point in the series. Cadderly and Danica take their relationship to a whole new level. He has to become a true leader in the fight against their foe. Most of all the young agnostic priest has to come to grips with his place in the universe and learn to believe. By the end he has found his way and knows what he has to do.

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