Sunday, April 21, 2013

Live and Let Die by Ian Fleming (A James Bond Novel)

The second Bond novel finds 007 working in the United States and the Caribbean. Gold coins have been appearing. They appear to be from the treasure of the pirate Captain Morgan's treasure. No one knows how they are getting into the market. Major distribution point seems to be through New York and Jamaica. Bond is sent to New York where he is teamed up with his CIA buddy Felix Leiter. Together they explore Harlem. They are after a man known as Mr. Big. A large African man who seems to be a criminal mastermind who controls black criminal activity in the USA and the Caribbean.
Bond continues to trace Mr. Big's criminal enterprise to Miami and then off to Jamaica. Along the way Bond experiences some personal setbacks and the near loss of a close friend. Will he be able to stop Mr. Big before he is able to get the rest of the treasure and escape? What about the mysterious Solitaire? How does she fit into the scheme? To answer the questions you will have to read the book.
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