Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Canticle by R. A. Salvatore (Cleric Quintet 1)

A young priest of powerful skills, but a somewhat lazy disposition is forced to confront dark forces and an evil cleric. Young Cadderly Bonaduce is a very gifted priest at the Edificant Library who should have a great future ahead of him. His only problem is that he is a bit absent minded. Unknown to Cadderly or any of his fellow priests there is a malignant force at work. A dark cult has crafted a new powerful spell, The Chaos Curse. It is decided to release this curse against the Library. The chief cleric of the order enters the library and tricks Cadderly into releasing the curse. Things become chaotic and Cadderly has to join with the Bouldershoulder brothers Ivan and Pikel, as well as the young warrior monk Danica to fight this evil.

This book is the first of five in the Cleric Quintet. It is a change in direction from the usual sword fighting books of Drizzt. That’s not to say that there is no fighting. There is plenty of that. There is also more humor than you generally find in the Drizzt books. The wonderful dwarven Bouldershoulder brothers are some of the funniest characters in fantasy. The character of Danica is also very intriguing. She is a monk trained to use her body as a weapon. The skills that she is studying will serve her well in this and the future volumes. The young Cadderly is on a quest to try and understand what he believes and why. It will take all of his skills and all of his faith to defeat the foe that has attacked his home.

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