Sunday, April 28, 2013

Moonraker by Ian Fleming

M is worried. He believes that multi-millionaire Hugo Drax, a member of his club, may be cheating at cards. This could cause all sorts of trouble. It would embarrass Sir Hugo and the country needs him. His new missile guidance system is what the country needs to keep ahead of the Soviet menace. M asks Bond along to the club to see if his fears are valid. Bond soon realizes that Sir Hugo is cheating and is able to beat him at his own game. All parties involved think that the issue is over. Sir Hugo has been warned subtly to stop his cheating. Then Bond is called on to go undercover at Sir Hugo's facility to find out if there is a security risk.

He teams up with Gala Brand, another undercover agent posing as Drax's secretary, and seeks to find out what is going on. Before it is all over Bond and Gala will face several life threatening situations and will have to use every bit of their cunning and skill to discover the true identity of Hugo Drax and prevent a disaster of astonishing proportions.

This is a great Bond novel and a classic spy novel from the Cold War. Other than using the name of Hugo Drax and James Bond this novel is nothing like the film.

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