Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thoughts on Reading

Reading has always been my greatest pleasure. I can't remember a time when I didn't read. College took a lot of the joy out of reading, but I got it back.

I read recently that the average American spends 35 hours per week watching television. That is a full time job. That is an average of five hours per day! What would happen I people shaved that down to two hours a day and read a book instead?

The average American adult can read 300 words per minute. If we average 400 words per page,that means about forty-five page per hour. That's 135 pages in three hours.

That means that the average person could read a 500 page novel in less than 4 nights. Let's say you read slower than the average person. You could read 100 pages per night. That comes out to 36,500 pages in a year. That would be equivalent of 73 books that are 500 pages in length. That's right 73 books in a single year, just by spending three hours reading.

That is something to consider. When you read you build your mind. So next time you say that you just don't have enough time to read, just turn off the television.

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