Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Hot Kid By Elmore Leonard

Carl Webster does not waste words with criminals. "If I have to pull my gun I'll shoot to kill" is his famous line. Those criminals who call his bluff learn the hard way that he is not kidding. This book follows the early career of Deputy US Marshal Carl Webster as he tracks down some of the toughest outlaws in Oklahoma during the Great Depression. He shoots it out with bank robbers, gangsters, thugs, and an ex-FBI agent with the KKK. Not bad for a man in the Marshal service for only a short time. Along the way he meets the pretty, young Louly who steals his heart. Parallel with Carl's story is the story of Jack Belmont, the son of privilege who turns to a life of crime. As there paths intertwine there can only be one ending. A showdown between lawman and criminal.

The Hot Kid is one of the most enjoyable books I have read yet by Elmore Leonard. The characters leap off of the page. This is one of those books screaming to be made into a film.

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