Friday, February 17, 2012

Glitz by Elmore Leonard

Vincent Mora, an off duty Miami detective, is wounded in a shootout with a mugger. He goes to Puerto Rico to recover from his wounds. While there he meets a young prostitute, Iris, who wants to rise in the world and Teddy, a man that he helped put away for rape seven years earlier. The ex-con is following Vincent with the desire to get even. Vincent just wants to recover in peace, but that isn't going to happen. Iris leaves to serve as a hostess in Atlantic City. When she is found dead with Vincent's name on her he goes to Atlantic City to track down the killer.
Glitz, written in 1985, has the feel of so many crime movies from that period. You can almost hear the soundtrack while reading it. Like most Leonard stories it is an enjoyable read. The story flows smoothly and the characters always feel spot on. There are several times where the plot makes less sense. One wonders why the characters do certain things. All in all it is a fun book.
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