Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Road Dogs

Elmore Leonard is known for his characters. When talking about his writing style he always explains that he focuses on an interesting character and then tells a story about them. In Road Dogs Leonard brings three of his characters from earlier novels together for a fun and interesting story. Jack Foley is the Gentleman Bank Robber from Out of Sight, Cundo Rey was a character from LaBrava, and Dawn Navarro was last seen in Riding the Rap.

In Road Dogs we see Foley in the aftermath of Out of Sight. He is now friends with Cundo Rey, a recent arrival at the prison. Ray hooks Foley up with an attorney and gets him an early release. After his release Foley goes to LA and waits for Cundo with Dawn Navarro, Cundo’s common-law wife. Dawn is scheming to get Cundo’s fortune, she is running a grift on a rich Hollywood widow, and she want Foley’s help.

The book is written in that great Leonard style, it contains lots of fun twists and turns. It is a lot of fun.I listened to this as an audiobook. Peter Francis James was the reader for this book. He captured the nuances and style of each character. I can recommend this as both a book and an audiobook.

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