Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Godwulf Manuscript by Robert Parker

The Godwulf Manuscript is the first book in Robert Parker's Spenser Series. The hero of the story, Spenser, a private detective, is hired by a university to recover a stolen medieval manuscript that is being held ransom. Spenser's investigation uncovers murder, scandal, drugs, and mobsters. All of that on the first day of the investigation. The book takes place in the era of radical students and radical faculty.

Parker was himself an English professor during this time. For people like myself who work on a college campus it is fun to see the completely accurate stereotypes jump off of the page. Spenser is a hard-edged detective. He likes bourbon and women and fights hard for his clients. There are forty novels in the Spenser series. I can't wait to read the other thirty-nine.

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