Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Direction for this Blog

So far this blog has simply been a log of my reading schedule this year. This has been fun, but a little directionless. I am now changing the focus of this blog. I will now focus on indie books. I will still review new releases by certain mainstream authors that I enjoy, but I will focus primarily on books published independently or through a small publishing house.

I want to explain my decision. With the rise of digital technology the nature of publishing is changing. It is now possible to create and distribute books without using a publisher. This means that many books by talented people who do not have publishing deals can now be read. On the other hand it also means that there is a lot more stuff that you have to wade through to find the good stuff. So I am looking forward to this new direction.

I will still continue my Elmore Leonard in a Year project, but there is lots of time for other books.

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