Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mr. Paradise

Anthony Paradiso, also known as "Mr. Paradise," is a retired lawyer with a young girlfriend. His girlfriend, Chloe, arranges an evenings entertainment with her roommate Kelly, a fashion model. They play cheerleaders while he watches University of Michigan football on TV. The evening ends in murder. Mr. Paradise and Chloe are murdered by hit men hired by Montez, Mr. Paradise's assistant. Kelly sees it all.

The police know what happened, but how to prove it. This story has all the elements of a great crime story. You have crooked lawyers, contract killers, gang bangers, beautiful women, and no nonsense cops. The one thing the cops have going for them is the sheer stupidity of the criminals involved. As these less than brilliant criminals come up with ever more complex schemes, it all begins to fall apart.

Written with the sparse, straight-forward prose that Leonard is known for it is a lot of fun.

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