Monday, May 18, 2015

A Cruise to Die For by Charlotte & Aaron Elkins

Alix London is back. This time the young art restorer is working as an undercover consultant for the FBI. What starts out as a mission to just keep her eyes open turns into a serious affair involving theft, murder, and forgery. All in a day's work for our intrepid art expert.

Free business tycoon Panos Papadakis is holding an exclusive art auction aboard his luxury yacht. He plans to sell off a few of his personal paintings and has invited a few of his personal friends to join him on the cruise. He has also invited Alix London along as an art expert to make the trip more informative. Unknown to Panos Alix is there at the request of the FBI. They want her to keep her ears open for any shady financial dealings that Panos may be involved in. Her job quickly becomes complicated when she begins to doubt the authenticity of one of the paintings. Alix has learned to trust to her instincts when it comes to art, but will they serve her well when dealing with people who will stop at nothing, including murder?

The Art Whisperer is the second book in the Alix London series by Charlotte and Aaron Elkins. The book is a lighthearted mystery and is a lot of fun. The characters are enjoyable and the pacing is quite nice. This is a perfect book to take along to the beach or to just curl up with.

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