Sunday, January 26, 2014

Godborn by Paul S. Kemp

The Godborn
Paul S. Kemp
Wizards of the Coast

Erevis Cale is dead. At least that is what seemed to have happened at the end of Shadowrealm. Cale sacrificed himself to free his friend Magadon from the clutches of the archfiend Mephistopheles. If you haven’t read the Twilight War trilogy by Paul S. Kemp you really should. First of all it’s an excellent series. Secondly you will be lost in this book without the background.

During the Twilight War the god Mask helped Cale’s pregnant lover Varra to escape the Shadowstorm by propelling her forward into the future nearly 100 years. There she gave birth to their son. She gave him the name Vasen, the true name of Erevis Cale. Even though he is the son of a Shade, Vasen has been raised in an abbey that is dedicated to Lathander, the Lord of Light. 

The enemies of his father are looking for Vasen. It is believed that he is the key to unlocking the divine essence of Mask that has entered into Cale’s friend Drasek Riven, the Shodovar Prince Rivalen, and the arch fiend Mephistopheles. Mask seems to have left behind some unfinished business. Now Vasen and his new friends must fight to save the world from annihilation. To do this they first have to save one other person. That person is none other than Erevis Cale.

The Godborn is the eighth novel to feature the character of Erevis Cale. Like the other Cale novels this is a faced paced and well written book. The characters are fascinating. Kemp writes characters that have hard choices to make. Most of his characters are torn and conflicted individuals. They have to rise above the hardships that life has dealt them. Those who choose to fight and stand out always seem to emerge victorious, even if that victory is a glorious death in battle. Those who choose to take the easy way, who search for power to further their own benefit always seem to fall in the end.

If you have read the other Cale books then you will want to read this book. If you haven’t met Erevis Cale yet then get the other books and this book and read them all. I am looking forward to what Kemp has is store for the future of these characters. Whatever it is, it will be great.

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